Friday, March 20, 2009


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Hello my dear friends it is finally friday. This is the day I do all my errands and clean the house so I can scrapbook during the weekend since I work full time. I consider my self very lucky to have a family that really support me in my hobby. Also to have such a wonderful niece Monica that share her amazing pictures for me to Scrap.

This LO is from my niece last visit to the Magic Butterfly in Hartford,CT. She is so pretty and bubbly I decided to make an album for her birthday. This LO is one of my favorite one. I try to keep it simple so the photo will be the focal points. Most of the supplies are from GCD love that Pattern Paper and I used Watercolors for the flower that I cut out of the PP. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend.

PS. Beware soon there is going to be a challenge on my blog, with a very nice prize.



Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello everyone is Monday, hope every one is having a good day. I am so excited I submitted some Layouts for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine a couple of weeks ago. Today I found out they are going to summitt all of them. This is one of goals and I am so thankful that it happend. See below the email that they send me:

Scrapbook News & Review Magazine
We Love Your work
Congratulations! We're pleased to inform you that your submitted artwork has been accepted for publication. We're sincerely impressed with your work and hope that you’ll continue to submit to Scrapbook News & Review for future calls and challenges. You’ll soon receive an e-mail from Marisol Jiminez, our assistant editor, with all necessary information and what we'll need from you in order to publish your artwork. If you’ve not done so, please take a moment to register to our site at This will ensure that you’re provided with access to the magazine the minute the issue debuts. When you're contacted by Marisol, she’ll request your username (not password) at that time. She may also request images if the current ones are not publication ready. If you have any questions simply reply to this e-mail. Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of Scrapbook News & Review and happy scrapping!

Also was selected to be part of the DT for, I received both email at the same time and scream so hard that my Dear husband and my Dear daughter tought that something bad happend to me. I was so hysterical that I wanted everyone to feel, my joy. See below the email they send me:

Guest Designers ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!!
We received NUMEROUS submissions for our Guest Designer call here at Swirlydoos, and were truly humbled by the talent of all of the ladies who applied! This was an absolutely excruciating decision process because we did not receive ONE application that was not up to Swirlydoos standards! Having said that, we could only choose a few ladies. Please help me welcome and congratulate our new guest designers!
Paulien van den Bosch
Zoa Barker
Beth Root
Lynn Biermann
Angela Velazquez
Irene Tan
Thank you ladies for your beautiful submissions, and for working with Swirlydoos Kits! We are VERY excited to have you on board, CONGRATULATIONS!

I recomend this Montly Kit club the supplies you will received is so fun and yummy, you will be hooked in a nick of time.

Thanks to all my friend on for sharing the inspirations and for all the sweet comments in my gallery.

Not to bad for Monday !!! I had wonderful news!!!

hugs Angela

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Monday

My LO Emotions is out for publication

Hello everyone, Yes it is Monday and just staring the week. For all those that work and also for the SAHM. That means getting up early, coming home tired and also make sure you exercise. I set a goal to scrap a layout per day or at least get caught up during weekends. But some times you get to hooked to scrapping that can affect your personality so here is my Latest LO about my emotions when I scrapbook. I hope you like it and feel me on this!

Journaling reads: This is ME showing my emotions when I scrapbook: 1. CURIOSITY – behavior of exploring, learning or finding out there is some new scrapbooking supplies to play with. 2. HAPPINESS- a state of mind or feeling such of satisfaction, pleasure or joy. Specially when you get new supplies to scrap with. 3. GUILT- emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or violated a rule. Like when you buy some supplies to scrap you are not allowed to get. 4. EUPHORIA- mental state defined as a sense of great elation and well being. Like when you finished a great LO. 5. LOVE- a single emotion built from two or more feelings. Like when your DH understand the need to get more scrap booking supplies. 6. SURPRISE- brief emotional state that is a result of experiencing an unexpected? event. Like when you get new scrap supplies. 7. GRATITUDE- positive emotion in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received. You feel thankful of having great memories to scrapbook. 8. SILLY- a state of mind of being playful. like when your DH said you spend too much time Scrapbooking.