Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am so excited!!!!!! I decided to sumit a layout that I used disstress ink at the Tim Holtz blog and I won!!!!!!!    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you distress? (the winners!)...

hello bloggers! wow, i'll say it again, what a great week this has been on the blog. all of the sharing and excitement of using distress in so many ways is definitely inspiring. a very sincere thank you to all of you who took part in the fun either by creating a project, leaving a daily comment, or both. the blog received over 10,000 viewers per day and 10% left a comment (which is great) so thank you. we also had over 450 projects submitted and to be honest, they were so amazing, and many of them so unique it was very difficult to select the winners. it was so cool to see everyone's different styles and uses for distress. we were able to narrow our choices down to 25 and had to do a random draw from there - it was really just too creative, i loved it!

so congrats to our winners! you will be receiving the impossible-to-find, no longer available, coveted distress ink storage tin as your prize. we will be shipping the tins after the holiday weekend so be sure to email me your shipping info by then so we can get them out before i head out on the road again. i know i initially said 12 winners, but as luck would have it we found one more tin making it 13 lucky winners! but hey, we're all winners right? thank you all for taking part in this challenge. everyone seemed to have fun sharing and creating and i just might be tempted to do another type of challenge in the future! have a great weekend everyone, take some time to try a new technique or two you discovered - no doubt there are some i'm dying to try...t!m

blog comment winners (a daily random winner monday-friday):

Commenter name: Elaine Paullus - i love the distress inks and use them on every SB page in one way or another. I ink edges of photos and mats. I use them to emboss and to stamp. But, my overall favorite use with with the grundgeboard. I paint the gundge board shapes with crackle paints, distress the edges, and then use the distress inks to give that aged feeling. I love it every time! One of my favorite colors is the vintage photo. Elaine in Jersey

Commenter name: Elena Vigil-Farinas - I have every color of distress ink. I like to use the blender but I find myself distressing directly with the pads themselves.

Commenter name: Julie Ranae - I totally love that the names of the inks match the 'look' that they give. I know if I am aiming for a specific look (ie: old paper) then I KNOW that ink will give me that look...easy peasy! Thanks for a great product and a fab opportunity to win : )

Commenter name: Rosie - I loved your tip about clear stamps, I have an ink pad that I stopped using because the ink always beaded up and I couldn't get the look I wanted. Can't wait to try your tip. I love stamping with snowcap ink and then using distress ink over it, so cool.

Commenter name: Tracy - Can I just tell you how awesome my tables looked after distressing the edges with Walnut Distress Ink??!! I ended up giving them to my Mom and Dad or else I'd send you a picture Ü Really tied in the whole "antique-ie looking wood" feel Ü I truly think you need to make fingernail polish, Tim!

project winners (random 8 winners from the top 25 projects):

Angela from Tucson with this layout:

thanks for following my blog hugs Angela

here is the link

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello you all. Not feeling well getting ready for a test tomorrow and have to drink that nasty drink for my test. Sorry but been in the bathroom a lot. But I tought my day was rought until ups stop at my house with a package. It was from my family for a belated birthday and mother day. You will never guest what it was. See below and you will understand my excitment.

Yesssss iT Was  GYPSY and comes with lots of goodies 2 already install cartrigues and additional one Destination. I top of that come with a neopre cover pink for susan g korman, a bag a carrier and xtra sleeve. I do not have words to thank my family.

hugs angela


Hello all my dear friends. I will go to crop this weekend again with my dear crazy wild scrapper friends. However browising the web found this cool video from Hero stamp. This stamps are to die for. Very vintage look. Also great technique hope you enjoy.

hugs Angela

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hello Ladies hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I know is a hard day for those who has to go to work on Monday. But at least I hope you enjoy your weekend. Found more Tim Holtz videos Tutorials using the new Alterations Dies.   I hope you have a great week and Happy Scrapping Hugs Angela

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello Scrapper's Friends Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hello you all!!!

I know I being gone for a while. I miss you all a lot. Where can I start, A few month ago I felt extremily tired and with no desire to do anything. I drag myself to work the best way I could, but it was a task. I will come home and just go to bed in the darkness of my room. My family was very concern and took me to the Dr. and after long test and medication, they determine that I had Fibromyalgia that got me into a deep depression. It's being the longest days of my life, I will sit for hours staring at my supplies to scrap a LO and hours pass without any inspiration. God bless my Wonderful husban that tried very hard to encouraged me. He even took me to scrap store and I will picked 1 or 2 things but still did not have any desire. Finally one of my Dr nailed and got me in the right meds and my mood start improving and i started organizing my messy scraproom.

I have to be thankful for having such supporting Family,Friends and co worker that were there for me. I want to thank also all of you that occasionally stop at my site and left messages. I occasionally will log and saw them and make feel love, even by people who are far from you but so near to give their support and I was able to feel the warmth. I appologized for no been able to visit your gallery and you guys do not have I miss your georgeous creations and sweet comments.

I much better know, will be off until august and I decide to scrap more. I will get caught up with all my dear friends galleries. Just be patient, since I still a little slow. I also want to thanks my locals scrapbooking friends, that a couple of week ago plan my birthday at one of our local scrapbook stores for a 12 hours crop. There I got some inspiration for the latest LO I posted.

thanks again and love you all

Hugs and God Bless


This are some of the Layouts I made for my last vacation i Disneyland:

Rainforest Cafe
this one is in the restaurant Downtown Disney is Fantastic. After a Hectic day in the Park you feel refresh.

This is my DD in San Diego park near a pond. It was so relaxing.

Every time we visit Disney, we have to see the attraction of Bugs Life. And I love taking a picture every time. My DD was embarassed because behind us was a big line with lots of little kids. She told me "Mom I think, I am a big girl for this.

Mc Break
Every time we visit California we leave early and we decide to take a break before we hit I-8.
My DD is not a morning person, as you can see in the pic.

Vacation Memories
This was in the Main Entrance at Disneyland. We took the train and took a tour around the park.